There have been some promising developments with my various literary properties. After 28 odd years, my novel The Dreyfus Affair (Random House, 1992) may actually come to the screen (the small one). Universal TV optioned the book and hired me to write the pilot script for a television series, along with David Frankel, who will direct. David is a very talented director (“The Devil Wears Prada, ” “Marly and Me,” etc.), with whom I collaborated on a feature option of the same book in 1995. Also attached as a producer is Neil Meron (“Chicago,” “Hairspray”).

The project is presently being considered by the various streamers and high-end cable platforms. And then we will, hopefully, begin the casting process. Since the book is a love story between two star Major League baseball players, we have committed to finding gay actors to play these roles. If you know any gay actors, 25-35 years old, who present like athletes, let me a know,  I hope to have news soon about the project moving forward.

My most recent book, Purgatory Gardens  (Skyhorse, 2015)  is being shopped as a television series, as well.  Kim Cattrall (“Sex in the City”) is attached to play the lead female role, Marcy Gray, who plays two hustlers — a former mafioso in Witness Protection and the ex-Finance Minister of Burkina Faso — against each other in a condominium complex in Palm Springs.  We are looking for actors in their sixties to play Italian-American and West African characters, Marcy’s two love interests. Who both hire the same hitmen to get rid of the other one. It is, as you might imagine, a very black comedy.

And I am looking to bring my novel An American Family (Amazon, 2012) to television as a limited series. It is the story of an immigrant American family with five children  over a time span of nearly forty years. The story is bookended by two iconic events — the assassination of JFK and 9-11 — and recounts how a family grows and changes over time. Though it is about a family of first generation Polish Jews, I believe it is typical of most immigrant family histories.