“The Manhattan Beach Project”
A balls-out satire of Reality TV

“Eleven Karens”A erratically erotic faux memoir


“The Dreyfus Affair”
The love affair between two baseball players

“The Deal
Dark comedy about Hollywood

“The Woody”
A political satire

“Di & I”

“Abbreviating Ernie”
Scandal in Schenectady.

“An American Family”


Five siblings of a Jewish-American family, growing up on Long Island.

A offbeat ménage a trois featuring an ex-Mafioso in Witness Protection, a mature actress in severe denial about her age, and a deposed African dictator who barely manages to escape with his life. All three wash up in a down market condo complex in Palm Springs, where they live by their wits — each one assuming the other one has money. A lot of shit ensues.

“The First Time I Got Paid For It”
Anthology of pieces written by 53 screenwriters about their first jobs