My new play, “The Death and Life of Mary Jo Kopechne,” is out to theaters for consideration. I am hoping to have a production some time in 2018. The play is about the night of July 25th, 1969, when Senator Edward Kennedy drove his car off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, with a young unmarried woman inside it. He escaped; she didn’t. What actually happened that night? What did Kennedy do for nine hours before reporting the accident? How did the senator escape prosecution? Who was Mary Jo Kopechne? Did she have to die? It’s a fascinating story.

“Sweet Talk,” a film I wrote,  is available on Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus,  Vids,  as well as on these Transactional platforms: iTunes, Google play, You Tube, PlayStation,VIDS, Amazon Video and XBOX.  It stars Natalie Zea (“Justified,” “The Following,” “Californication”;  Jeffrey Vincent Parise (“CSI New York”); and John Glover (“Smallville,” and numerous Broadway productions, including “Death of a Salesman,” directed by Mike Nichols).

The film, directed by Terri Hanauer, is an unusual love story about the transformative power of story-telling — a cerebrally erotic, original journey into the sensual, imaginative world of fantasy.

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