My new play, “Drama Queens From Hell,” opens at the Odyssey Theatre 8/20, and will run for six weekends, through 9/25. Details below.

Directed once again by the incomparable Terri Hanauer, and starring six very talented actors, it tells the story of three aging divas — a vintage TV star, an African-American, and a pre-op transsexual — all competing for the role of Norma Desmond in a remake of “Sunset Boulevard.” These three women will let nothing get in their way, especially one another, to getting the role. The play skewers ageism, political correctness, affirmative action, Hollywood, and just about everything else in its path. It’s a hoot.

Tickets: 323 960-7787, or www.plays411.com/dramaqueens

“Sweet Talk,” a film I wrote,  is still available on Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus,  Vids,  as well as on these Transactional platforms: iTunes, Google play, You Tube, PlayStation,VIDS, Amazon Video and XBOX.  It stars Natalie Zea (“Justified,” “The Following,” “Californication”;  Jeffrey Vincent Parise (“CSI New York”); and John Glover (“Smallville,” and numerous Broadway productions, including “Death of a Salesman,” directed by Mike Nichols).

The film, directed by Terri Hanauer, is an unusual love story about the transformative power of story-telling — a cerebrally erotic, original journey into the sensual, imaginative world of fantasy.

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