The Woody

The WoodyYou think you’ve got problems? Senator Woody White is being sued by his ex-wife, blackmailed by his present wife, shaken down by a Vermont maple syrup kingpin, terrorized by his neo-fascist housekeeper, and pursued by Trent Lott over a fender bender in the Senate Parking Garage.

As if all this weren’t disheartening enough, Woody has been stricken with an untimely case of ED, discovered during a tryst in his Peru, Vermont, A-Frame with a lobbyist from the condom industry.

Up for reelection, Woody understands the political dictum that no one can be elected in this country if the voters suspect he is hormonally challenged. A little too early for Viagra, he resorts to a testosterone patch and winds up with a great deal more than he bargained for.

With the aide of his Chief of Staff, Ishmael Leibowitz, a closet heterosexual who has gone into deep cover within a coterie of gay senate aides, Woody battles not only to keep his EQ up above the Moderate to High range, but also to recapture the support of the people of Vermont, Ted Kennedy, Dick Gephardt, and the President of the United States.

The Woody is a brilliant comic romp through the demented, spin-filled world of Washington sexual politics. It answers the question foremost on everybody’s mind these days: just how hard is it to remain in public office in late 1990’s America?

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