Di & I

Princess Di’s in love. At last. After Camilla, the lemon peeler, the loo, the cellular phone, and the workout photos, Di’s finally found the right guy — Leonard Schecter, an American commoner with a taste for long-legged women and epic poetry.

During a diplomatic reception at the Togolese Embassy in London, Di and Leonard take one look at other, and their knees go weak. They fall madly in love and carry on a tempestuous affair under the noses of Diana’s bodyguards, her in-laws, Princes William and Harry, the world-wide paparazzi and Barbara Walters — an affair that takes them from The Royal Box at Ascot to a McDondalds franchise in Rancho Cucamonga.

What do princesses really want? You’re about to find out, as Di and Leonard take off on a wild, incognito jaunt to freedom, while Scotland Yard, MI6 the FBI and Charles conduct a world-wide search, culminating in a showdown between the Prince of Wales and the only man to ever find the way to the heart of the woman who walked away from the throne of England.

A hilarious odyssey through the world of the madcap royals and their dysfunctional relatives, DI AND I is Cinderella in reverse — the most unlikely and charming love story since Edward VIII ran off with Wallis Simpson. And a lot funnier.

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