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I am going to run stories and other pieces of writing that I’ve published, or not, over the years, and change them on a monthly basis — or when I get around to doing it..

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The following is yet another a piece that was rejected by The New Yorker for their “Shouts and Murmurs” feature.  Their loss.



The following are transcripts of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s NSA wire-tapped cell phone conversations obtained though the Freedom of Information Act.

11/24/12  (to Joachim Sauer)

ANGELA:  Could you bring gebackenen fisch home for dinner tonight?

JOACHIM: Why not wiener schnitzel?

ANGELA: It repeats on me.

JOACHIM: What’s in it for me?

ANGELA:  We’ll see.

JOACHIM: Fishnet stockings?

ANGELA: Perhaps.

JOACHIM: And a thong?

ANGELA: (giggles) Naughty boy…


2/16/13  (To François Hollande)

ANGELA: We have the Obama’s for dinner Thursday. What did you serve them in Paris?

HOLLANDE: Coquilles St. Jacques with a crème de marron sauce.

ANGELA: White or red wine?

HOLLANDE: Iced tea.

ANGELA. You can’t be serious.

HOLLANDE: Alas, yes. He said he had to work after dinner.

ANGELA: Do you think watermelon for dessert would be insensitive?

HOLLANDE: Au contraire!  They served me French Fries in Washington.

ANGELA:  No….!

HOLLANDE. The coffee was instant.

ANGELA: Mein Gott!

HOLLANDE:  After dinner we went bowling.


3/5/14  (To Vladimir Putin)

ANGELA: You can’t have Crimea, Vladimir. It doesn’t belong to you.

PUTIN: It does now.

ANGELA: Might does not make right.

PUTIN: Nobody told Hitler that.

ANGELA: If the Japanese didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor, you’d be speaking German now.


ANGELA: Seriously, you’ve got to give Crimea back.

PUTIN: What would I get in return?

ANGELA: You can have Lichtenstein.

PUTIN: Pass.

ANGELA: We’ll throw in Kyrgyzstan.

PUTIN: Nyet.

ANGELA: I would hate to invoke sanctions.

PUTIN: Be my guest.

ANGELA: Okay. No more Baltic herring.

(clicking sound is heard)

PUTIN: Angela, Angela…Angela!


4/21/14  (To Pope Francis)

ANGELA:  I’m afraid that the Catholic population dwindles in Germany, Your Holiness.

POPE FRANCIS: We are deeply concerned.

ANGELA: Nobody asked Benedict to resign.

POPE FRANCIS: He is suffering from an enlarged prostate.

ANGELA: Perhaps you’d like to make a state visit and drum up some business.

POPE FRANCIS: Gloria in excelsis Deo.

ANGELA: You could visit Martin Luther’s place of birth, absolve him posthumously.

POPE FRANCIS: We would have to re-communicate him first.

ANGELA:  Merely revoke the Diet of Worms.

POPE FRANCIS: We, for one, are avoiding gluten. And you?

ANGELA: Fortunately, I am Lutheran.


POPE FRANCIS: Tell me, what are you serving the Obama’s?

ANGELA: Schwarzenwurst. And iced tea.

POPE FRANCIS: (titters) We are amused.

ANGELA: Guten yontif, pontiff.

POPE FRANCIS: That’s very Jewish of you.

ANGELA: Some of my best friends are Jews.



12/22/14  (To +800 VAS ISDAS)

OPERATOR: Thank you for calling “Pastries Macht Schnell.”

ANGELA:  The Pflaumenkucken I ordered for Christmas gifts has not arrived.

OPERATOR:  We are experiencing a Pflaumenkucken backlog.

ANGELA:  Shame on you. This is Germany, not Greece.

OPERATOR:  If this were Greece, there would be no Pflaumenkucken at all.

ANGELA: What do you have that is not backlogged?

OPERATOR:  Strudel.

ANGELA: Send sixteen gross apricot strudel to 1 Unter den Linden. Schnell!

OPERATOR:  That is the address of the Bundestag.

ANGELA: Yes. This is Angela Merkel.


OPERATOR (snicker). Of course. And I am Martin Bormann.

ANGELA: That is not funny.

OPERATOR: Neither is pretending to be the Chancellor.

ANGELA: You shall see when your tax return is audited.

OPERATOR: Your strudel is in the mail, madam.

ANGELA: And your tush is mush.  Auf wiedersehen!